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Our Wasp Nest Removal Service

For homes and properties in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut

  • No prep work required by customer. 
  • Technician will bring appropriate equipment and ladders.
  • Technician will identify if it is a void nest or a free-hanging nest.
  • Technician will walk around property 3 times to look for additional nests.
  • For free-hanging nests, technician will wear a bee suit, apply treatment to nest, remove nest, and take it with him/her.
  • If a void nest, technician will also block access of wasps into home.
  • Our technicians have the highest level of training available. Debug technicians are required to pass a series of written and field exams before they treat for pest control (and this testing repeats throughout their career).
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Debug Pest Control process

The Debug Process

Step 1: Inspect

Debug will send a technician to your home. The technician will perform a visual inspection and provide you with a free estimate. Treatment can begin as soon as the next day.

Step 2: Control

Debug will choose a treatment method to eliminate the pest infestation from your home.

Step 3: Prevent

We will identify the main causes of the infestation and make recommendations so they never come back.

Step 4: Monitor

Over the course of the warranty period, we will re-inspect the property and re-treat at no extra charge.

Step 5: Follow-up

Once the property is deemed free of pests, we will suggest additional products and changes to environment to maintain that status.


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Reasons to trust Debug as experts in wasp nest removal

Debug is a leader in wasp nest removal in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. We work with many landlords, apartment owners, universities, colleges, hotels, and motels to keep their beds and couches wasp nest-free. Our wasp exterminators and trained and tested.

Debug is a pest control company that offers the best wasp control and wasp nest removal solutions in Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, and Southeastern Massachusetts. We service major cities and towns like Attleboro, Cranston, East Greenwich, East Providence, Fall River, Johnston, Lincoln, New Bedford, New London, Newport, North Kingstown, Pawtucket, Providence, Putnam, Smithfield, Warwick, Worcester, and Woonsocket.

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FAQs About Our Wasp Nest Removal Services

In New England, a wasp nest typically lasts for one season, spanning from spring to early fall. The lifecycle begins in the spring when queens emerge from hibernation and start constructing nests, laying the initial batch of eggs. As summer progresses, the nest grows significantly as worker wasps hatch and assume the roles of building and foraging. The colony reaches its peak size in late summer. However, by fall, the colony begins to decline; the queen ceases egg-laying, and worker wasps start to die off. During this period, new queens and males are produced for mating. The newly mated queens then seek out hibernation spots for the winter, while the old nest is abandoned and remains inactive. By late fall or early winter, the nest is no longer in use and will not be reused the following year, as new queens build fresh nests each season.