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Mice and rats will chew your wires, destroy your home, and eat your favorite breakfast cereal.

If you think you have some of these unwelcome mice or rats in your home, we can help you get rid of them.

It’s easy to do.

  1. Call or text Debug at 401-250-8680.
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Signs of Rodents

  1. Small droppings, especially in kitchen and in drawers. 
  2. Scratching or scampering noises from attic or behind walls.
  3. Gnaw marks visible in food packaging, house structure or electrical cords.
  4. Nests comprised of paper, cloth and other “insulating” materials.

The Debug Solution

Rodent protection plans for SINGLE-FAMLY HOMES

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Rodent Block*

Block points of entry
$ 209
    Full Foundation Inspection: Inside and Out
    Block all exterior ground-level points of entry
    Tips and recommendations for the future

Treat & Block*

Trap them and block points of entry
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    Full Foundation Inspection: Inside and Out
    Trap and remove rodents
    3 services in 30 days
    30-day warranty after last service
    Block all exterior ground-level points of entry
    Tips and recommendations for the future
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Rodent Control FAQs

What do professional pest control companies use for mice?

Professional pest control companies use a variety of methods to control mice populations, including traps, baits, and repellents. These methods can be effective at controlling mice, but they should always be used with caution and according to the instructions on the product label. In some cases, it may be necessary to use multiple methods in combination in order to effectively control a mice infestation.

What’s the difference between mice and rats?

In southern New England, we have two types of rats: Norway (brown) and roof (black) rats. For mice, we have deer mice, house mice, and white-footed mice.

If you see something scurry across your garage floor, it is hard to tell what it is. Especially since you see them infrequently, and you only see one of a species.

General differences begin with body size. Mice usually weigh 0.5 ounces. While rats are 7-11 ounces.

Rats have bigger hairless tails that are as long as their bodies. Mice have hairy tails that are shorter than their body length.

Mice have big ears when compared to their body size. Norway rats do not. Roof rats also have big ears.

The last key difference is in the snout. Mice have triangular snouts; rats are more blunt.

How long do rats live?

Rats can live up to two years. One female can have 20 offspring per litter, so the potential for a major infestation is high. 

What do mice look like?

Mice are very small; their bodies are generally 2-3” long. They are typically gray, brown, or black. Their tails are often shorter than their body.

How long do mice live?

House mice can live up to two years. One female can have 3-4 offspring per month in her lifetime, so the potential for a major infestation is high. 

What does mice poop look like?

According to the National Pest Management Association, a mouse produces between 40 to 100 droppings per day, while a rat produces between 20 to 50 droppings.  Mice droppings are typically small, about ¼-inch in length. Mouse droppings are best described as small, pellet-shaped and dark brown in color with pointed ends.  Newer droppings will be darker and shinier while older droppings will look chalky and dry. 

About Debug

Debug Pest Control is a locally-owned pest control company with offices in Smithfield, RI and Lisbon, CT. Owned by the Horgan family since 1993, our aim is to put people first.

We care about our community and pledge 1% of company time and resources to volunteering each year. 

Debug is one of only a handful of nationally recognized pest control companies to be Quality Pro certified – a designation that demonstrates our commitment to the highest service standards.

We offer free inspections to customers dealing with ants, bed bugs, mice, mosquitoes, rats, termites, and more! We offer customized solutions that include bed bug control, termite control, tick and mosquito control, and green pest control.

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