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Welcome to the friendly and pest-free world of Debug Pest Control, your go-to partner for effective and environmentally responsible pest management services in the beautiful state of Rhode Island. We are excited to introduce you to our dedicated team of 30 experts and our wide range of services tailored to ensure your home, apartment complex, restaurant, university, or school remains a comfortable and pest-free environment. 

Rhode Island, affectionately known as the “Ocean State,” is a small but vibrant gem in New England. From the lively city of Providence to the picturesque coastal town of Newport and the historic charm of Warwick, Rhode Island has something for everyone. It’s a state that values community, history, and natural beauty.

At Debug Pest Control, we take pride in being part of this wonderful community. Our commitment to Rhode Island goes beyond just pest control – it’s about enhancing the quality of life for everyone who calls this state home. 

Our green pest control options reflect this commitment. We understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of Rhode Island while addressing your pest issues. Whether it’s ants marching through your kitchen, ticks in your backyard, mosquitoes buzzing around, termites causing damage, or bed bugs disrupting your sleep, we have the expertise to deal with it all. We even specialize in safe and efficient wasp nest removal.

Our services extend across a diverse range of settings, including homes, apartment complexes, restaurants, universities, and schools. Regardless of where you live or work in Rhode Island, Debug Pest Control is your local, friendly solution to your pest problems.

Explore our website to learn more about our services, meet our dedicated team, and discover how we can help you enjoy Rhode Island even more by ensuring a pest-free environment. Thank you for considering Debug Pest Control of Rhode Island as your trusted pest control partner – we look forward to serving you and contributing to the continued beauty of this incredible state.

Here are a few reasons why homeowners, landlords, and commercial property owners in Rhode Island choose Debug:

  • Free Inspections
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Same-Day Service (*If scheduled before noon, Monday-Friday)
  • Trained & Certified Technicians
  • Easy communication options: Email, calls, and text!
  • 29 Year Company History
  • Family-Owned
  • Locally-Owned
  • A QualityPro Certified Company
  • Digital Payment Portal Access
  • Ongoing Protection Plans
  • Expertise in Bed Bugs
  • 1000s of 5-Star Reviews!

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We’re proud to provide pest control services to all homes and businesses in Rhode Island, from Burrillville to Tiverton.

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Debug Pest Control started protecting New England homes and businesses in 1993. At its beginning, Debug was a one-man, one-truck operation. Bill Horgan, Sr. worked long, hard days to meet the needs of his clients. Today, Debug is now owned by his son, Bill Horgan, Jr., has fifteen pest control exterminators, a dozen trucks, and a wide range of equipment and support staff. Our pest control technicians are certified and state-licensed. Our equipment and methods are the most innovative and effective tools available in the residential pest control industry. We understand the unique needs of New Englanders living and working with pest control issues. We are not a big, faraway corporation; we’re neighbors, and we like it that way. Debug offers free inspections to customers dealing with ants, bed bugs, mice, mosquitoes, rats, termites, and more! We offer customized solutions that include bed bug controltermite controltick and mosquito control, and green pest control.

At Debug, we think it’s important to show how much we care. “We Care” is one of our most treasured core values and one that we strive to demonstrate every day. We care about the health and happiness of our customers, their families, their pets, and their homes and businesses. We care about our employees and their families. We care about our communities. We care about our environment and the natural world.

Last year, though, we wanted to take our caring one step further: we decided to join the Pledge 1% movement. The Pledge 1% movement asks participants to pledge 1% of their profit, 1% of their time, and 1% of their product to the greater good.

Our commitment to caring goes beyond our customer service, and Rhode Islanders voted Debug the best Rhode Island pest control company in 2019.

We provide high-quality solutions to pest problems to our 3000+ residential and commercial customers. Along with our friendly customer service, we provide knowledgeable and effective solutions to pest issues because our pest technicians (formerly known as exterminators) are trained on every pest and treatment that encompasses Integrated Pest Management.

Debug Pest Control is a QualityPro company. Of the 1,000 pest control companies in the southern New England states of Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, less than 25 have been selected to the QualityPro program and Debug Pest Control is 1 of only 3 in Rhode Island.

Our QualityPro certification shows that we meet a number of qualifications. Here’s just a few examples:

  • All Debug technicians and inspectors have passed a state-administered or QualityPro exam
  • Our team members practice proper pesticide handling
  • We have a strict on-the-job safety policy
  • Our company conducts criminal background checks and motor vehicle records checks

Our full service pest control company strives to balance the need for a pest-free space with environmental concerns of property owners. Debug’s service team is trained in the most-eco friendly and least toxic way to control unwanted pests. By understanding the lifecycle of pests, their sources of food, and their habitat preferences, our pest control experts can choose greener solutions.

If a pest problem requires more than baiting and exclusion methods, then often organic products or botanical oils that are classified as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) and/or are approved for food and beverage consumption by the USFDA can be utilized. Often Integrated Pest Management practices and techniques are enough, we save chemicals for only the toughest pest problems.

If you are looking for a Rhode Island pest control company, choose one that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and environmentally responsible. Please consider Debug Pest Control.

You have a business to run; we understand that. We will do our best to provide you with the dependable and reliable protection you need. And we’ll do it with the neighborly and friendly smile you will come to expect from us at Debug.

Our commercial pest control technicians are certified and state-licensed. Our equipment and methods are the most innovative and effective tools available in the pest control industry.

If you have pest in your home there’s a good chance we’ve got you covered with the proper pest control strategies.

Crawling pests we cover: ants, carpenter ants, spiders, bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, powder post beetles, termites

Flying pests we cover: wasps, yellow jackets, flies, mosquitoes, pantry moths, stink bugs…

As long as you are under warranty, you are guaranteed to live free of those pests. For ongoing protection from most pests, we recommend our Pest Protect Packages.