What are spiders?

Spiders are arachnids. There are over 3,500 different kinds of spiders in North America. 

What do spiders look like?

Spiders have eight legs. Aside from that one characteristic, they can vary widely. The spiders you are most likely to see in New England are:

  1. House Spiders: House Spiders are a very common kind of spider that makes a web. They’re typically small; their bodies measure about ¼” in size. They’re usually light brown. 
  2. Yellow Sac Spiders: Sac Spiders are closer to ½” long and yellow in color. They also live in webs. Yellow Sac Spiders has eight eyes. 

Are spiders dangerous?

Most spiders don’t have enough venom to endanger humans or pets. Yellow sac spiders do bite, and the bite can become raised, red, and irritated. If you have been bitten by a spider, it would be wise to seek medical attention.  

What are the signs of a spider infestation?

Look for spiders in moist, warm, dark places. They especially like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. If there are a lot of spider webs, it is also a strong indicator of a spider infestation. 

Where do spiders come from?

Spiders are entering your home or business in search of warmth and food. If you have small insects living in your home, it is likely you’ll also eventually get spiders. It can become a compounded issue. 

How do I get rid of spiders?

Spiders can be tough to spot. They’re expert hiders who love to live in dark places. If you think you have a spider issue, call an experienced pest control company like Debug. Your Debug technician will find the spiders and help you find a way to eliminate them from your home or business. 

Can I do anything to prevent spiders?

To keep spiders out: 

  • Repair ripped screens,
  • Seal any holes in your foundation or siding,
  • Trim trees and bushes away from your home,
  • Caulk spaces around your windows and doors. 

Debug can identify and help get rid of pests from your home with our pest control and removal services.

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