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What are rats?

Rats are medium-size rodents. In New England, the rats you’re most likely to encounter are Norway Rats, though we’ve seen Roof Rats lately, too. 

What do rats look like?

Rats are much bigger than mice; their bodies are generally 9” long. They are typically gray, brown, black. 

Are rats dangerous?

Rats typically only bite if they are cornered. Their greater danger lies in their chewing. Rat teeth are constantly growing and rats need to continuously chew to keep their teeth from getting too long. In the wild, this means they chew on branches and twigs. In your home? They’re chewing on electrical wires and that can result in a house fire. Rats are also potential carriers of disease. They also bring other pests with them, like fleas and ticks. 

What are the signs of a rat infestation?

Typically, people see rat droppings long before they see or hear rats. Rat droppings are black and 1⁄2”-3⁄4” long. Rats tend to be more active at night. Rats like low-traffic areas that are cluttered–places like attics and basements. People also find their nests during home repairs. Their nests are usually made of shredded materials like paper, cardboard, and cloth. 

How long do rats live?

Rats can live up to two years. One female can have 20 offspring per litter, so the potential for a major infestation is high. 

How do I get rid of rats?

Getting rid of rats is usually a multistep process that includes finding, trapping, and then blocking rodent entry points. Rats can enter your home or business through an opening that is just 3⁄4” wide. A good solid understanding of rodent behavior is key, and that’s why we think this is a job that requires professional rat control service, like the one we offer at Debug. Contact us if you live in our service area to get started with rodent control.

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