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(Odorous House Ants)

(Odorous House Ants)

What do odorous ants look like?

Odorous ants are small scavenger ants. They’re usually brown or black in color. They’re called “odorous” because when crushed they emit an odor that some people have described as “rotten coconut” or “blue cheese.”  They are sometimes called “stink ants,” as a result.

What do odorous ants eat?

In the wild, odorous ants eat insects, fruit, and honeydew. If they’re in your house, they’re attracted to things that are sweet–sugar, syrups, jams, honey, and fruit are all likely to attract odorous ants. 

Are odorous ants dangerous?

Odorous ants do not bite or sting. They are more of a nuisance than a danger. 

Where are the odorous ants coming from?

Odorous ants are scavengers, so they’re likely entering your home looking for food and water. They might also enter your home looking for protection during or after a heavy rainstorm. 

How do I know if I have an odorous ant infestation?

If you have lots of very small ants congregating in your home or business, especially in your kitchen, you likely have an odorous ant infestation. 

How do I get rid of odorous ants?

Getting rid of odorous ants can be tough; it requires a planned approach. The colony must be identified and eliminated, including the queen. The best course of action is to contact a professional pest control service, like Debug and have them come out to complete a thorough inspection. Once they know the full extent of the issue, they can work with you to create a plan. 

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