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What are millipedes?

Millipedes are long and have between 80-400 legs. Their name means “a thousand feet.” 

What do millipedes look like?

Some millipedes are 1-2” long, but some are much larger. They are tubular in shape and are usually brown or black. They are most notable for their many legs. 

Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes are not dangerous to humans. If they feel threatened, they can sometimes emit a smelly liquid to deter you from touching them. Typically, though, they try to curl-up and protect themselves. 

What are the signs of a millipede infestation?

Millipedes don’t leave behind any signs. If you see a lot of them in an area of your home, that’s the only sign that they are in your home. 

Where do millipedes come from?

Millipedes love damp, moist areas; that’s why you’re most likely to see them in your basement or bathroom. While they occasionally stray into homes, they tend to stay outdoors, as they need constant moisture to survive. 

How do I get rid of millipedes?

If you think you have millipedes, call an experienced pest control company like Debug. Your Debug technician will find the millipedes and help you find a way to eliminate them from your home or business. 

Can I do anything to prevent millipedes?

To keep millipedes out: 

  • Get a dehumidifier in your basement,
  • Seal any holes in your foundation or siding,
  • Remove decaying leaves and plant matter from around your foundation. 

Debug can identify and help get rid of pests from your home with our pest control and removal services.