Indian Meal Moth

What are Indian Meal Moths?

Indian Meal Moths are one of the most common pantry pests. They usually infest stored foods like  cornmeal (that’s where they get their name from), flour, nuts, dried fruit, and even pet foods.

What do Indian Meal Moths look like?

Indian Meal Moths are small moths, usually no bigger than ¼” in length. They’re usually a combination of light tan and a medium shade of brown. Indian Meal Moth larvae are bigger at about ½” long and are white with a brown head.

Are Indian Meal Moths dangerous?

Indian Meal Moths are not dangerous. They do not bite or sting. Their only danger is in their ability to contaminate your stored foods.

What are the signs of a Indian Meal Moths infestation?

Indian Meal Moths leave webs, clumps, and larvae  in the food they’ve contaminated. You might also see Indian Meal Moths flying around the pantry or kitchen.

Where do Indian Meal Moths come from?

Indian Meal Moths enter your home through contaminated food that you purchased. Because they multiply so quickly, a small Indian Meal Moth problem quickly becomes a large one. One female Indian Meal Moth can lay 400 eggs in just one month.

How do I get rid of Indian Meal Moths?

Getting rid of Indian Meal Moths can be daunting. They breed quickly and can quickly infest your pantry and kitchen. If you think you have Indian Meal Moths, call an experienced pest control company like Debug. The Debug technician will find the contaminated food source and eliminate any Indian Meal Moths living in your home.

Can I do anything to prevent Indian Meal Moths?

It’s good practice to closely examine any grains, nuts, dried fruit, or dry pet food packaging for signs of Indian Meal Moths. Don’t buy any packages that have been opened or torn, as these are easy entry points for Indian Meal Moths. It’s also a good idea to store your dry goods in glass or plastic sealed containers. That way, even if one package is contaminated, it is contained and won’t spread throughout your pantry.

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