(Carpenter Bees)

What are carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees are a kind of solitary bee that bores holes in bare, unpainted softwoods.

What do carpenter bees look like?

Carpenter bees are on the big side for bees at about 1” in length. They are similar in body shape to a bumblebee but are typically black in color with a shiny abdomen.  

Do carpenter bees sting?

Males carpenter bees have no stinger. Females have a stinger but are not aggressive and only sting when they feel endangered. 

Are carpenter bees dangerous?

Carpenter bees are unlikely to sting. Their danger lies in their behavior. They tend to return to the same place year after year to build a new hole to live in. Over time, this can damage your home or business. 

What are the signs of a carpenter bee infestation?

Look for holes on the exterior of your building that are about ½” in diameter. These holes are found in wood that is unfinished and weathered. There may be small piles of sawdust underneath the holes. You may see male carpenter bees hovering around these holes, trying to protect them. 

Where do carpenter bees come from?

Carpenter bees are attracted to unpainted, unstained, weathered wood. Typically, painting or staining this wood will prevent carpenter bees from boring into your home or business.

How do I get rid of carpenter bees?

Getting rid of carpenter bees can be daunting. It is best to contact an experienced pest control company like Debug to come out. The Debug technician will find and treat every hole carpenter bees have created and prevent them from re-infesting your home or business. 

Can I do anything to prevent carpenter bees?

Paint and stain any wood that is unpainted, unstained, or weathered. Replace any softwoods with hardwoods; carpenter bees can’t bore through hardwoods.

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