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(House Flies)

(House Flies)

What are house flies?

House flies are large flies with two wings. They are often seen around food and waste sources, especially dumpsters and open garbage cans. 

What do house flies look like?

House flies are ¼” long and dark gray in color. They have two wings.

Are house flies dangerous?

House flies do not bite, but they can spread disease and contaminate food in your home. House flies are known to spread diseases like typhoid, dysentery, cholera, conjunctivitis, tapeworm, etc..

Do house flies bite?

No, house flies do not bite. 

Where did the house flies come from?

House flies that venture into your home or business are generally looking for a place to hibernate over the winter and a food source. They are attracted to the food in your home and your garbage. 

What are the signs of a house flies infestation?

If you have an infestation, you’ll see groups of house flies throughout your home, especially in your kitchen.

How do I get rid of house flies?

Getting rid of flies can be challenging. A good first step is to seal and repair all the entry points in your home, especially around windows and doors. You should also eliminate any food sources that may be attracting flies, including your garbage. Vigilance is required here if you want to keep house flies out of your home. If you are finding that you’ve done everything you can and the house flies are persisting, call Debug. We’ll come out and do our best to help you eliminate your house fly problem.

Can I do anything to prevent house flies?

The best way to keep house flies under control is by sealing any cracks and holes in your home where house flies can enter. You should also eliminate all of their food sources, including your garbage. Place raw and cooked foods in the fridge right away; don’t leave food out. Use a covered garbage receptacle in your kitchen and bring out your garbage every day.

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