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(Cluster Flies)

(Cluster Flies)

What are cluster flies?

Cluster flies are large flies, sometimes called “attic flies,” that appear on warm, sunny days during late autumn and early spring. They occur in large numbers, especially at windows and in rooms not frequently used. They tend to be sluggish and clumsy fliers.

What do cluster flies look like?

Cluster flies are larger than standard house flies. Their bodies are narrow and generally gray in color. Their wings overlap slightly, unlike house flies. 

Are cluster flies dangerous?

Cluster flies are not dangerous. They do not bite and do not harm your home in any way; they are considered more of a nuisance pest. 

Do cluster flies bite?

No, cluster flies do not bite. 

Where did the cluster flies come from?

Cluster flies that venture into your home or business are generally looking for a place to hibernate over the winter. 

What are the signs of a cluster flies infestation?

Cluster flies get their name from their habit of clustering together. If you have an infestation, you’ll see groups of cluster flies in warm and sunny spots in your home. 

How do I get rid of cluster flies?

Cluster flies are best treated later in the summer, while they are still outside your home. Call a trusted pest control company like Debug to come out and evaluate the situation.  

Can I do anything to prevent cluster flies?

The best way to keep cluster flies under control is by sealing any cracks and holes in your siding, near your windows, and basement. Your Debug technician can help you identify the places that cluster flies are using to enter your home.

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