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Wasps (European Paper Wasps)

Wasps (European Paper Wasps)

What are paper wasps?

Paper wasps are a kind of wasp that feeds on pollen and nectar. They’re called paper wasps because their nests look like they’re made of gray paper. (They make their nests out of pulp and saliva). This delicate material needs to be protected from rain, so paper wasps build their nests under eaves and overhangs. 

What do paper wasps look like?

Paper wasps are dark brown with yellow stripes. They are usually between 1” to 1.5” in length. Their wings have a kind of dark amber hue to them. 

Do paper wasps sting?

Yes. Paper wasps do sting.  Paper wasps do not lose their stinger, so they can (and often do) repeatedly sting their victim. 

Are paper wasps dangerous?

Paper wasps can be dangerous if you are allergic to their venom. They aren’t usually aggressive unless their nest is threatened. 

What are the signs of a paper wasp infestation?

Look for a gray, paper-like nest in your eaves and overhangs. The nests are often round in shape with visible cells. If you also happen to see a lot of paper wasps in your yard, it is likely that there is a nest somewhere on your property. 

Where do paper wasps come from?

If you have Paper wasps in your yard, they’re likely looking for a food and water source. Paper wasps are drawn to sweet sources of food like ripened fruit. If your yard has what they’re looking for, they’re likely to build a nest there. 

How do I get rid of paper wasps?

Getting rid of paper wasps can be dangerous and painful. It is best to contact an experienced pest control company like Debug to come out. Your Debug technician will find and remove the paper wasp nests on your property.  

Can I do anything to prevent paper wasps?

There really isn’t much that you can do to prevent paper wasps. If you have fruit trees, make sure to collect ripened fruit that has fallen on the ground, as this can be a major food source for paper wasps. You can be proactive in sealing spaces in your eaves, overhangs, windows, and doors to make sure that paper wasps aren’t getting inside your home.

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