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(Drain Flies)

(Drain Flies)

What are drain flies?

Drain flies are a tiny kind of fly that are often found hovering around your drains. They are sometimes called moth flies, sewer flies or filter flies.  

What do drain flies look like?

Drain flies are very small, measuring just ⅛” in length. They are usually black or brown in color and have fuzzy bodies and wings. They have two, long, fuzzy antennae. When crushed, they often leave a dusty residue.

Are drain flies dangerous?

Drain flies are typically not dangerous. They do not bite and are not carriers of dangerous diseases. There have been some instances where drain flies trigger bronchial asthma in susceptible humans.

Do drain flies bite?

No, drain flies do not bite. 

Where did the drain flies come from?

Drain flies are drawn to standing water. Inside your hope, they’ll gravitate towards the drainage pipes in your kitchen and bathrooms. Drain flies like to breed and lay their eggs in standing water. Outside, they might breed in your gutters, or in a standing puddle. Often, they’ve entered your home through a tear in your screens, or through a space around your windows or doors. 

What are the signs of a drain flies infestation?

A drain fly infestation is very clear. You’ll see groups of drain flies around your toilet and sink drains.

How do I get rid of drain flies?

Often you can get rid of drain flies by simply flushing your toilet and running water through your drains. This eliminates the standing water. 90% of drain fly issues are resolved this easily. If the drain fly issue persists, call a trusted pest control company like Debug to come out and help. 

Can I do anything to prevent drain flies?

The best way to keep drain flies under control is by making sure that you don’t have standing water in your toilet and drains. If you go away on vacation for an extended period, have a friend or neighbor come in and periodically flush your toilets and run the water in your sinks for a few minutes. This is usually enough to keep drain flies from settling in your home. If you eliminate their breeding habitat, they’ll leave your house and look elsewhere.

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