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(Digger Wasps)

(Digger Wasps)

What are Digger Wasps?

Digger wasps are large wasps that build their nests in the soil. There are over a hundred different kinds, and most are harmless, despite their scary appearance. In New England, you’re likely to see digger wasps like cicada killers, great golden diggers, mud daubers and steel blue cricket hunters. Because of their size and their hovering over their nest, people often are afraid of digger wasps. We encourage you to call a pest control company like Debug and have them help identify your particular type of digger wasp. 

What do digger wasps look like?

Digger Wasps are about 1.5” long. Their bodies are shiny. Their bodies can come in a range of colors from yellow to blue to black. 

Are digger wasps dangerous?

Most digger wasps are virtually harmless. Cicada killers, great golden diggers, and Steel blue cricket hunters and mud daubers are harmless–the males don’t even have stingers. They will often hover and put on a good show if you come close to their nest, but rarely sting. If you try to handle them, or make them feel threatened, the females will sting. We often advise that you do your best to avoid their nesting site while they’re visiting, but know that they aren’t particularly territorial; once their one offspring is born, they will leave. It is best practice to have a professional pest control company like Debug come out and identify what kind of wasp is in your yard. 

Where did the digger wasps come from?

Digger wasps are attracted to loose sandy soil, as it is easiest to dig. Removing these sandy spots through soil remediation and landscaping approaches is the best way to avoid getting Digger Wasps.

How do I get rid of digger wasps?

Digger wasps are attracted to loose sandy soil. The best way to stop having digger wasps visit, is to remediate the soil and make it healthy and plant grass or some other plant that provides ground cover. If you have concerns about a nest, call Debug and we’ll come out and help you identify the wasp and help you remove the nest, if needed.

Can I do anything to prevent Digger Wasps?

To keep digger wasps out: 

  • Remediate your soil by adding nutrients,
  • Add plants like grass and ground cover plants to the soil after they have left. Digger Wasps avoid soil with plants. 

Debug can identify and help get rid of pests from your home with our pest control and removal services.