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Clover Mites

Clover Mites

What are clover mites?

Clover mites are relatives of ticks and spiders. You’re more likely to see them in the spring and fall months. Clover mites are attracted to clover and other plants you would typically find in any yard. 

What do clover mites look like?

Clover mites very small and red. They have two extra-long legs towards the front of their body.

Are clover mites dangerous?

Clover mites are not dangerous to humans or pets. They are considered a nuisance pest for their ability to leave behind small red stains if they are crushed. 

What are the signs of a clover mites infestation?

If you have a Clover Mites infestation, you’ll see large groups of small red bugs congregating on walls. Typically, they’re attracted to the warm and sunny walls of your home. 

Where do clover mites come from?

Clover mites are sensitive to the cold and will seek shelter in your home. They’ll usually access your home through small cracks and spaces in your foundation, windows, and doors. 

How do I get rid of clover mites?

If you think you have clover mites, call an experienced pest control company like Debug. Your Debug technician will find the clover mites and help you find a way to eliminate them from your home or business. 

Can I do anything to prevent clover mites?

To keep clover mites out: 

  • Repair ripped screens,
  • Seal any holes in your foundation or siding,
  • Trim trees and bushes away from your home,
  • Caulk spaces around your windows and doors. 

Debug can identify and help get rid of pests from your home with our pest control and removal services.