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(Carpenter Ants)

(Carpenter Ants)

What do carpenter ants look like?

Carpenter ants are large black ants. They tend to be about ½” long and have bent antennae.

Are carpenter ants dangerous?

Carpenter ants do not bite or sting. Their real danger comes from their ability to chew through wooden structures and severely damage homes and businesses. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, they chew through it to create tunnels to and from their colony.

Where are the carpenter ants coming from?

Carpenter ants are often found in dead or damaged trees, tree stumps and wood piles. They can also live in mulch. Indoors, carpenter ants are usually found living inside wood that has come into contact with excess moisture, a leaky pipe, or other some other leak in a wall.

How do I know if I have a carpenter ant infestation?

Carpenter ants leave behind small holes in wood. Outside these holes you can often see debris like coarse sawdust and insect body parts. The wood is usually brittle and dry.

How do I get rid of carpenter ants?

Because carpenter ants live inside wood, they often aren’t seen. This makes them very hard to find and detect, making elimination a real challenge. Often, the wood that is infested is in places people don’t frequent often, like crawl spaces and basements. So, carpenter ants can go undetected for years. The best course of action is to contact a pest control company like Debug and have them come out to do a thorough inspection and provide carpenter ant control services. If carpenter ants are found, they can create a plan to eliminate them from your home or business.

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