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Hornets (Bald-Faced Hornets)

Hornets (Bald-Faced Hornets)

What are bald-faced hornets?

Bald-faced hornets aren’t hornets at all; they’re a type of wasp. They build large, gray paper nests in trees and will aggressively defend them. 

What do bald-faced hornets look like?

Bald-faced hornets are sometimes called white-faced hornets. They have smooth, black bodies and white faces with white stripes on their abdomen. They are about 1” long in length. 

Do bald-faced hornets sting?

Yes. Bald-faced hornets do sting.  Bald-faced hornets do not lose their stinger, so they can (and often do) repeatedly sting their victim. 

Are bald-faced hornets dangerous?

Bald-faced hornets are dangerous, especially if you are allergic to their venom. 

What are the signs of a bald-faced hornet infestation?

Look for a large paper nest in trees, shrubs, or hanging off your home, shed, or garage.  You may also see bald-faced hornets flying around your property. If they’re in your yard, there’s a nest close-by. 

Where do bald-faced hornets come from?

If you have bald-faced hornets in your yard, they’re likely looking for a food and water source. If your yard has what they’re looking for, they’re likely to build a nest there. 

How do I get rid of bald-faced hornets?

Getting rid of bald-faced hornets can be dangerous and painful. It is best to call an experienced pest control company like Debug to come out. Your Debug technician will find and remove the bald-faced hornet nests on your property.  

Can I do anything to prevent bald-faced hornets?

There really isn’t much that you can do to prevent bald-faced hornets. You can be proactive in sealing spaces in your eaves, overhangs, windows, and doors to make sure that bald-faced hornets aren’t getting inside your home. 

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