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One doesn’t have to be a disgruntled meteorologist in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to detest the sight of a groundhog. This type of marmot can create extensive burrows that can undermine foundations and can gobble up your growing garden vegetables. Step on one of their tunnels and twist an ankle—you’ll soon be wondering how to get rid of a groundhog, or woodchuck as some folks call them.

How to get rid of a groundhog

For groundhog removal, you will first need to determine that you do indeed have a the critter. If you’re not sure if the burrow is new or being used, fill the hole back in with dirt and see if it’s dug out again. If so, you do have a digger currently using the space. (Other animals such as foxes, rodents or reptiles have been known to use an old groundhog den, but they won’t be re-digging holes.)

What time of year is it? Groundhogs usually hibernate in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts from November to March so any activity during these cold winter months wouldn’t be from a woodchuck.

These whistle pigs, named because they make a high-pitched whistle when sounding an alarm, can be a nuisance:

  • Groundhogs are herbivores. So they enjoy the just ripened vegetables at a fresh vegetable buffet—called your garden.
  • Woodchucks need burrows for their babies. If the burrows and tunnels are away from your house—and they aren’t destroying your landscaping—consider leaving the critters be. They provide food for other animals in the ecosystem. But if they are tunneling near or under your foundations, sheds or other other structures, then groundhog control makes sense.
  • Tunnels can cause damage. Especially if it’s in a path where you need to drive machinery or it it’s near your foundation. Not only do the animals needs to be removed, but the tunnels should be filled in with dirt so it doesn’t become a wet, messy sinkhole.

If you’ve determined that you have a groundhog—and it is becoming a nuisance—call professionals who are licensed experts in wildlife control in your area. 

Debug groundhog removal in Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, and Eastern Massachusetts

Contact Debug for expert groundhog removal services in the Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts region. We’ll get a wildlife specialist out to your home and help you find the best groundhog control solution for your property!.

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