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Bed Bug Assurance

Rest assured.

Debug’s Bed Bug Assurance program monitors your home or apartment for bed bugs and treats them right away, for free.

Do I need a Bed Bug monitoring service?
1 out of every 5 Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home (or knows someone who has). That’s a pretty staggering number of people.

Some activities may put you more at risk of bed bugs.

  • If someone in your family,

  • travels frequently,

  • sleeps in a dorm at college, or

  • works in a profession like hospitality or entertainment, you might be more at risk of bed bugs. 

Our discreet service monitors your home year round. If bed bugs are detected, we come to your home within 24 hours and begin treatment, at no additional cost to you.

How does our Bed Bug Assurance Service work?

If you are a current Debug customer with an existing home service plan, one of our technicians can install Volcano monitors during your next service visit.

Debug will:

  • discreetly place a monitoring device in areas of your home that are most likely to have bed bug activity: places like under your bed and couch.  Two Volcano monitors are installed under each bed and two under the couch in your living room.
  • teach you how to inspect the monitors and tell you what you should do if you suspect the presence of bed bugs. 
  • provide you with replacement Activ Lures for each of your Volcano devices, or if you prefer that Debug service the devices every quarter, we’re happy to help you.


How much does the service cost?
Call us today at 401-567-0266 for pricing.

How will I know if bed bugs are captured in the monitors?
We will come to your home and show you how to check the monitors. We can also inspect during our quarterly service (assuming indoor service is being provided).

What if I suspect there are bed bugs in my monitors?
Give us a call, and we’ll be right over to collect a sample. We’ll begin treatment ASAP.

Call Debug today at 401-922-9000 to learn more about this service.

"Having Debug treat our property monthly for mosquitoes is truly money well spent. Finally we can sit outside in the evening and enjoy our yard. Recently we had them remove a yellow jackets nest too. It's reassuring knowing you have a service provider you trust and can rely on when you call. Thank you!"

Lori T. - Glocester, RI

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