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Bat Removal & Control

Bats can be beneficial to an ecosystem: controlling insect populations and providing nutrient-rich guano. But having one flapping around in your attic, potentially carrying rabies, means it’s time for an expert bat removal service to get involved.

Bat removal

If you find one of these flying mammals in your house, follow these steps for safe bat removal:

  • Contain. Safely isolate the bat to one area of the house. Do this by closing the door to the closet, room or section of your dwelling. Block the spaces under doors with towels so the bat doesn’t crawl through. 
  • Don’t touch. Remember that bats are high-risk carriers of rabies, and that bat droppings can have the fungus that causes histoplasmosis (so be careful not to breath in these microscopic spores). Do not touch the bat. If you or a family member (including a pet) are scratched or bitten, get medical attention as soon as possible—rabies is nothing to take lightly.
  • Contact a specialist. Call a wildlife removal service that is experienced in getting rid of bats humanely, and can safely clean up bat droppings, contaminated insulation or other nesting materials. Attic restoration and cleanouts can bring your attic back to a safe environment.
  • Have the entryways sealed up. To ensure a bat doesn’t visit again, make sure all possible entrances are closed, including adding a chimney cap or replacing torn or damaged vent screens. 

Debug bat removal services in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts

Debug provides expert bat removal service along with site sanitizing and deodorizing services for the southern New England area of Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts.

We are licensed and insured; Debug has provided experienced pest removal services for over twenty years. Find out more about our fast and friendly wildlife removal service and control solutions in the region, including major cities like Providence, Woonsocket, Pawtucket, Cranston, Warwick, Newport, Worcester, Fall River, New Bedford, and New London.

"Having Debug treat our property monthly for mosquitoes is truly money well spent. Finally we can sit outside in the evening and enjoy our yard. Recently we had them remove a yellow jackets nest too. It's reassuring knowing you have a service provider you trust and can rely on when you call. Thank you!"

Lori T. - Glocester, RI

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