Debug Pest Control Launches its “We Care” Initiative

Local Pest Control Company Decides to Put Caring at the Forefront of Their Business Approach

A new year often brings a new perspective, and 2018 is Debug Pest Control’s Year of Caring. The family-owned and operated business headed by Bill and Trish Horgan has long held onto one of its most important core values: “We Care.” Those familiar with the business often mention the care and attention Debug technicians provide their clients. There are heartwarming anecdotes of technicians bringing in the newspaper for an elderly client,  moving a woodpile to prevent termite damage to a client’s home. The technicians themselves will often laud their employer for providing a family-like work environment, good salary and benefits, and opportunities for self-improvement.

This year though, owners Bill and Trish Horgan wanted to really build-upon their “We Care” core value and bring it out into the larger community. The shift started when Trish changed her title to “Chief Heart Officer.” Trish has hit the ground running and has already launched a series of events and activities for her team. When asked about the change in title and focus, Trish stated, “It is important to me that Debug be an active participant in making the world a kinder place; that we share our good fortune with the people and communities around us. This isn’t just a catchphrase for us; we really do care, and we’re hoping that other area businesses will see our efforts and continue the trend.”

She and husband Bill have enrolled Debug in the “Pledge 1%” movement where they will be donating 1% of their time and profits towards local charities. Trish’s board in the office is covered in flyers for charitable walks and runs she and her employees will be participating in throughout the year.  She smiles, “People are really loving the idea of walking together and bringing their families.” 

Trish gives us her widest smile though, as she talks about the pollinator garden she and her team are planning for the traffic island in Chepachet center. “I love to garden, and I wanted to share this with my team. People often see pest control companies as exterminators, but in truth, we do everything we can to save honeybees and beneficial insects. This garden is a way for us to beautify our town, provide an important habitat for pollinators, and create a fun event for our team. This is a win for everyone.”

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