Debug helps save honeybees at URI

In early spring, URI facilites management noticed that historic Quinn Hall was housing a large honyebee colony inside the walls of the front door entrance. When they discovered the hive, facilities managers at URI called Debug Pest Control.

Bill Horgan arrived on campus, and started to pry behind the wood facade. It was active and large. Knowing how important bees are to our ecosystem, he could only recommend one thing: save the hive.

The challenging news was that Quinn Hall’s facade is historic; the wooden millwork dates back to the 1830’s. Extracting a large hive of honeybees and not causing irreparable damage to the 200 year old woodwork was going to take some finesse. Bill from Debug was fairly certain he knew the man for the job.

Enter Jeff Mello. He is a beekeeper who manages over one thousand hives throughout Rhode Island. Some beekeepers buy hives; Jeff’s hives started as wild hives that he has rescued from homes and businesses all over Rhode Island. 

“I’m just happy knowing they weren’t destroyed, and that there are pest control companies like Debug that will call me and try to save the honeybees. Ten years ago, I never received a phone call to remove a hive. Now, I make 300 calls a year to remove a hive. The growth in awareness is incredible.”

-Jeff Mello, Aquidneck Honey

Jeff was able to save the hive, relocate it to Tiverton. The honey bees will be placed in a hive alongside his other honey bees. He assured us that these bees, like all of his others, will thrive in their new home. Bill from Debug asked what Jeff was going to do with the empty honeycomb. Jeff smiled and said “I’m going to feed it to my bees tonight. They absolutely love this stuff. They’re going to be loving me.”

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