Bill Horgan, Debug Owner, Interviewed by Pest Control Technology Magazine

Bill Horgan, owner and operator of Debug Pest Control in Rhode Island was interviewed for this article in Pest Control Management magazine. PCT magazine sampled over 10,000 pest control owners and operators across the United States for this article. 

The phrase “Proudly Unemployable” in the title might catch you off guard. After all, who would be proud of being unemployable?! But look deeper and you might come to the conclusion that there is something to be said of those individuals who are not suited to the suit-and-tie lifestyle–to those who instead opt for the unpredictable, and often turbulent challenges of being self-employed. These are not calm seas. The self-employed self-starter sacrifices sleep, money, and security. They know that the hard-earned moniker “Proudly Unemployable,” is just another way of saying “Proudly Self-Employed.”

Bill Horgan from Debug Pest Control takes pride in self-employment one step further in this article from PCT magazine. He knows that his hard work is providing solid, satisfying, and dependable work for his employees.

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