Green Solutions

Green Pest Control
Treatments & Solutions

Debug has environmentally conscious alternatives to conventional pest control. We have identified the leading organic products, and coupled it with experienced pest control technicians, thereby creating a cutting edge “Green” pest management program.

Leading organic products from a team you can trust!

We strive to keep your home, or business pest-free in the most eco-friendly way possible. Debug will constantly evaluate our program and any new additions to the organic product line.

We offer green treatments and solutions for the following pests:

    • Silverfish
    • Roaches
    • Spiders
    • Meal Moths
    • Clover Mites

    Other alternative treatment options

    1. Debug can utilize heat treatments at pesticide-sensitive locations. The process is to heat the room or house to a predetermined temperature and eliminate the target pest.
    2. Debug recommends TAP Insulation for a more efficient, and pest-free home. TAP is energy-efficient blown-in insulation coupled with the added value of pest control. Debug was the first authorized applicator of TAP Insulation in Rhode Island.