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Q: Do you offer products for both interior and exterior service?

EcoSMART offers a complete line of professional products to service residential or commercial properties on the exterior or interior.

Q: How can EcoSMART's active ingredient target insects, and not people or pets?

EcoSMART's plant oils have a unique mode of action that targets a key neurotransmitter receptor called octopamine which is found in all invertebrates (i.e. insects), but not in mammals.  Octopamine regulates an insect's heart rate, movement and metabolism. Interrupting the function of octopamine results in a total breakdown of the insect's nervous system.

Q: Are you aware of any pest resistance issues associated with your botanical active ingredient?

Unlike conventional, synthetic active ingredients, there are no known pest resistance issues associated with botanical oils.

Q: Are the botanical oils EcoSMART uses more effective on certain insects versus others?

The plant oils EcoSMART uses in their active ingredient are effective against a broad spectrum of insects, since its unique mode of action targets a neuroreceptor that is present in all insects!

Q: Do any of EcoSMART's products qualify as "organic"?  Are they USDA National Organic Program (NOP) compliant?

All EcoEXEMPT® minimum-risk products are NOP compliant and qualify as organic.  EcoEXEMPT® IC is also OMRI certified.  Additionally, all of the EcoPCO® products are NOP compliant except the aerosols

Q: Why is there no EPA registration number on the EcoEXEMPT® products?

Under FIFRA Sec. 25(b)(2), pesticides whose ingredients meet the criteria established in PR Notice 2000-6 are not required to be registered by the EPA and therefore do not require an EPA registration number.

Q: Do you offer services for Termites?

Yes. We offer a baiting method that is extremely low-risk. They are plastic childproof cylinders that go in the ground around your home or business. The stations are checked every 4-6 weeks through the active termite season.

Q. Do you offer rodent services?

Yes. The primary focus of our rodent service is exclusion. We will work with the customer to "tighten" up the building and eliminate any conducive conditions. In addition we offer both trapping and glue boards. There are currently no organic baits available.

Q: Do you only use EcoSMART products?

No. There are a limited amount of organic products available and even fewer are effective. However, we have found a select few outside of the EcoSMART line that we will occasionally use.

Q: What about ants on my counter?

There is line of ant baits called "InTice" that boric acid based that we can use in these situations. Boric acid has been around forever, and is found in common everyday products. It is considered one of the safer active ingredients.

Q: How come with Debug you offer conventional pesticides and Debug Green offers organic products?

We recognize the need for both. We are gradually making a shift from our conventional products to the organic line. However, some customers don't necessarily want that shift to take place. It's the thinking that "if it's not broke, then don't fix it." We are currently educating our existing customers on why it is important to embrace this potential change.

Q: But isn't it hypocritical to offer both?

We don't believe that it's hypocritical. Take for example "Whole Food Markets." You may think that they sell only organic foods. That is incorrect. In fact, only about 20% of what they offer is organic. We recognize the niche, and hope that one day conventional pesticides are the niche. Debug Green is the beginning of the shift in the marketplace.

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