Financial Security

In addition to paying you a competitive annual salary, our company invests in your future by matching 3% of your 401(k) retirement investments.

Vacation & PTO

Our organization is aware that team members require time to unwind, refuel, and refresh. We provide our employees with paid time off so they can see their ailing loved ones, go to necessary doctor's appointments, or enjoy a week at the beach. The time is yours, whatever the reason may be.


Want to expand your knowledge, earn a certification or learn valuable skills to grow professionally? Our company understands that individuals want a career and we work with our team to offer them

Health Insurance

Debug is aware of the high cost of insurance, which frequently contributes to why some people choose not to get it.

Employee Training

Don't know anything about pest control? That’s ok! Neither did 90% of our team members before joining the company.


Like a little friendly competition? Want to be rewarded for the hard work that you put in every day? There are regular team contests that include opportunities to win gift cards and cash bonuses.