When the 24-hour response line rings we answer

Out of the shower, and into the fire!

When the 24-hour emergency response line rings we answer. Well, we always try to answer and if we miss the call we are back in touch in 15 minutes or less for emergencies.

So when the phone rang that August night around 8 pm I happily fielded the call. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. It wasn’t easy because the phone was on the bathroom counter, and me, well… I was in the shower. I reached for the towel, then the phone and kindly asked how I could help.

Here’s the thing; when the facilities department at the University of Rhode Island told me “we need to reach even if you’re in the shower,” they meant it.

When I agreed to meet those terms, I meant it. There was a squirrel in a dorm room and we had someone on-site within 90 minutes. Squirrel removed and all parties satisfied. We stand by our commitment to our customers. We answer the phone, respond to calls and show up when we are supposed to.

These are standards at Debug Pest Control. I can’t guarantee we will always hear the phone ringing from the shower, but I can guarantee our commitment to providing you the service you expect and deserve. Even if means taking a cold shower.

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