What if there was pest control in the 1800s?

Right now, there could be a French States of Western America.

In 1801, the French army occupied Haiti, a Caribbean territory on the western side of Hispaniola. Napoleon had designs for the small island and rather ambitious plans for the New World. He wanted to build an empire of the Mississippi Valley in North America to interfere with British interests in the region. Haiti would have been his initial base. However, the slaves on the island had other plans.

How were they able to defeat the most powerful army in the world?

The West Indies was, quite simply, a deathtrap for whites without immunity to yellow fever and malaria. Haiti was full of mosquitoes carrying both diseases The native slaves had grown immune to it. However, the effect of yellow fever on the French soldiers was staggering. Although estimates vary, historians think as many as 50,000 soldiers, doctors, and sailors died from yellow fever. 

Seeing no opportunity for success, Napoleon decided to sell the land known as Louisiana Purchase for $13 million.

Haiti became an independent country on January 1, 1804. Debug Pest Control became a company 189 years later.

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Bonus Blog Article

Early fall is still peak season for EEE and West Nile Virus

After feeding on birds for 5 months, mosquitoes in our area are now most likely to carry Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) or West Nile Virus (WNV).

EEE and WNV are the only two human diseases transmitted by mosquitoes here in Rhode Island. Both originate from our local bird population. Mosquitoes acquire these diseases from birds and can then transmit them to humans. EEE has a very high human mortality but is very rare. WNV has a very low human mortality but has become prevalent in all of our towns and cities since its establishment in Rhode Island in 2000.

The most effective way to reduce the risk of acquiring EEE and WNV is to reduce exposure to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes who bite are more prevalent at dawn and dusk. So, minimize outdoor activities at these times. Wearing protective clothing and using repellents containing DEET will also reduce risk. Finally, it is important to make sure your doors and windows have functioning screens, and you should prevent stagnant water from collecting around the home.

Are mosquitoes still rendering your backyard uninhabitable? Debug can help. We utilize a monthly protection plan to rid your yard of adult mosquitoes and their larvae. This plan runs from May-October, and each application can give you four weeks of relief.

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