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  • State of Rhode Island and Tick Plantations April 08, 2017 Why 2017 may be a very bad year for Lyme disease in Rhode Island

    An unusually large amount of acorns falling from oak trees in the northeast two years ago fed a population boom of mice last year. And those tiny mice fed ticks their blood, and transmitted the bacteria that cause Lyme…

  • Photo Credit:  (sam) August 08, 2013 Tips to Stay Tick-Free

    Before you go out and cover all your grass with concrete, consider taking these steps to prevent ticks from invading your home and body: Keep your grass short. Ticks love to settle on high grasses and weeds so that they can…

  • August 07, 2013 I Wish There Was a Buffy the Tick Slayer

    No joke. I try to approach my daily life with a certain level of compassion, optimism, and general good natured-ness. But sitting down to write this blog post about ticks has me a little…well, ticked off. I cannot…

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