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  • Working hard on planting day. June 22, 2018 An Unlikely Pairing: A Pest Control Company Saving Pollinators One Garden at a Time

    Debug Pest Control is putting its team to work saving honeybees (and gosh, it’s pretty) Drive through downtown Chepachet, Rhode Island and you might be surprised to see a pollinator garden in the center of the new rotary.…

  • September 19, 2017 URI is Abuzz

    Visitors to the University of Rhode Island this Spring will notice all the usual buzzing-about for commencement preparations. But, this year some of that buzz is coming from the honeybees housed in Quinn Hall. If you happened…

  • Spot the bee! July 10, 2014 What to do if a wasp or bee stings your dog

    The dog days of summer are here. I love to go out and hike in the woods, visit parks, and generally stay out during these extra long days. I have my constant companions, my four dogs, with me on these treks. We enjoy nature…

  • Spearmint, thyme and eucalyptus. May 19, 2014 Plants that keep bees and wasps away - Updated 2019

    We need bees. They pollinate our flowers and plants, and even give us sweet sweet honey. A healthy ecosystem has bees. There's no way around that. Wasps are also beneficial. They eat many pests that munch on our crops.…

  • Debug Pest Control logo on paper background August 21, 2013 Stinging Insects Still on the Prowl as Summer Winds Down

    Summer is nearing its end, but bees and wasps are in their most active state of the year. In late August they will search for food that will help them survive the winter. So, please keep caution to our stinging friends. They…

  • Photo Credit: Jason A. Samfield August 02, 2013 Tips to Keep Bees, Wasps, and Hornets Away

    Here are preventative measures you can take to lower the number of flying stinging insects in your yard: Choose your flower bed plants carefully. If you want to keep bees, wasps, and hornets away limit the number of flowering…

  • Photo credit: Wikipedia July 29, 2013 Turns out, Grendel was a Cicada Killer

    The other day I sat in my car for a solid five minutes because I had seen a huge, black, Grendel-esque beast of a flying insect hovering near my front door. (I should mention that I saw this flying Grendel as I was walking…

  • Debug Pest Control logo on paper background July 15, 2013 How to have a pest-free barbecue (BBQ) this summer

    Summer time is the best time of the year to have a backyard barbecue (BBQ). Nearly 80% of Americans do. But, what do you do when tiny uninvited guests show up? Whenever food is placed outdoors, insects will be drawn to the…

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