Gift Ideas for Bug Lovers

By Jacques de Bug - 12/19/13

Gift Ideas for Bug Lovers

Some people just love those creepy crawly bugs. There's more insects than humans on this planet, so heck, we appreciate bugs, too.

Whether it's their birthday or Christmas, here are some ideas that will surprise them!

1. Adventure Kids Bug Catcher Box Set

Be careful not to squish any!

2. Cicada Earrings

3. Butterfly Paperweight

Yes, it's a real flutterby.

A great idea from the Real Insect Company.

4. Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"

A Calvin & Hobbes Collection

If someone you love thinks that BATS = BUGS, they will need to learn a life lesson from Calvin. Perhaps my favorite moment in C&H history, I nearly pee myself everytime I read this one:

Bat's Aren't Bugs

Learn more at Good Reads.

5. Insect Wall Decor

A great poster from Etsy store AgedPage.

6. Praying Mantis Stake

From Uncommon Goods

Perfect for the garden! Available at Uncommon Goods.

7. Live Butterfly Garden

From our friends at Insect Lore

8. Beetle Brooch

From Evolution

The Beetle used to create this Brooch is one of the 26 species in the genus Sternocera. droplet-shaped and a striking metallic green, Its glossy, iridescent wing covers make it highly prized for beetlewing craft projects.


9.Mason Bee House

Via Gardener's Supply

Bought one of these last year, myself!

Slightly smaller than honeybees, mason bees are incredible pollinators. Each one visits as many as 1000 blooms per day — 20 times as many as a honeybee! Hang this natural bamboo house against a tree or wall where it will get morning sun and attract mason bees. Female bees fill the bamboo tubes with their eggs, and nectar and pollen for the young to eat.

10. Dragonfly Drink Coasters

From the Animal Den

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