5 Questions with Dauphin Ewart, President of The Bugmaster

By Debug Pest Control - 07/18/13

5 Questions with Dauphin Ewart, President of The Bugmaster

Dauphin Ewart is the President of The Bugmaster, a pest control company in Austin, Texas.

1. Why did you get into the pest control industry?

Dauphin: I got into the pest control industry because it is in my blood. The Bug Master has been providing Austin Termite and pest control for over 30 years. This is a family business started by my Dad, Ned Ewart. I have been working at The Bug Master for most of my life. I started as a kid shoveling gravel in the parking lot and worked my way through most aspects of the company to arrive at my current position as a part of the marketing team. This industry has offered me an exciting career that changes daily. Our industry is important; we offer a public health service that you need, even if you don’t know it.

2. Why do your customers choose The Bug Master?

Dauphin: Our customers choose The Bug Master because we realize we are a service business. Let that sink in. We serve people. Just like your favorite waiter at your favorite restaurant, it is our job to offer you a good experience and a good value when you decide to spend your money with our company. Our entire team is constantly striving to meet and exceed expectations.

3. What one thing should every homeowner know about pests? 

Dauphin: Homeowners should know that cockroaches and Keith Richards can live through anything. Pests were here before us and will be around long after we’re gone. In Austin, pest control is a year round struggle. Know that you don’t have to live in fear. We can totally minimize your pest issues. As an exterminator in Austin I can prevent and control pest issues with an annual pest control plan.

4. What are some Texas pests that New Englanders might not be familiar with?

Dauphin: Pest Control in Austin means dealing with many of the same issues New Englanders might encounter. Termite control, rodent control, roaches, and spiders are all regular occurrences. However, in New England, you may not have to deal with scorpions. It seems like this month scorpions are all I hear about. Scorpion control can be difficult and they are awful. If you don’t have an Austin pest control company addressing your scorpions, you basically live in constant fear.

5. What are some of the challenges your company will face over the next 5 years?

Dauphin: We are knee deep in a fairly ambitions growth plan. We are dealing with some growing pains because of this and we are in a constant struggle to maintain the highest level of customer service possible. We are also moving towards less paper, and more electronic forms. Historically we go through a ton of paper between agreements, notifications, billing, and the list goes on. Developing and incorporating paperless processes for all these tasks is a huge undertaking. Getting all these new processes off the ground has presented some challenges, but the rewards make all the headaches well worth it.

The Bug Master is an Austin, Texas Pest Control Company started in 1981. They specialize in termite and pest control for homes and businesses. They service all of Austin and the Dallas Fort Worth areas, are the second largest privately owned pest control provider in Texas, and are still a family business.

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