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Have signs of bed bugs this winter?

Bed bugs are not seasonal pests. They can be in your homes, rental properties, and hotels year-round. 

They are quick to seek shelters indoors, since they do not adapt to cold weather very well. They will scurry inside mattresses, furnitures, and spaces between walls to keep warm. We usually see less bed bug activity reported in the winter, because humans are less active and travel less, but we still get calls.

If you find traces of bed bugs, it’s usually difficult to remove on your own. You may notice blood stains on bed sheets and small bites on your skin – typically three bites in a row. You will rarely see them, as they only come out to feed, just before dawn. 

But where did they come from?

Why didn’t you see signs over the summer? Perhaps you came back from vacation and two bed bugs hitchhiked inside of your luggage. Now, you may have a large group of them, and they may have migrated from your luggage, in your closet, to your mattress.

If there are any signs of bed bugs, do not hesitate to call a bed bug removal company like Debug. You do not want a winter full of itches and lost sleep.

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Bonus Blog Article

How to Choose a Pest Control Company in Providence

Whether you have noticed termite damage in your walls, or have swarms of hornets in your garage, your choice of pest control companies can have a lasting effect. The following tips will help you make an informed choice. Look for a few companies that meet all of these criteria, and then contact them for pricing.

  • Get recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors. Never ask a company for a referral. They will always give you a good one.
  • Look for membership in a professional organization. Membership in the National Pest Management Association and New England Pest Management Association gives companies access to training and current information as well as showing a commitment to the industry.
  • Look for experience. Check how long a company has been in business. Check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
  • If they have more than one technician, ask about the quality and the experience of the technician they’ll be sending.
  • Ask what treatments and solutions they will recommend. Look for companies that use Integrated Pest Management. IPM practitioners use a variety of pest management techniques, of which pesticides are only one tool.
  • Are they available nights and weekends? Ask about their service plans, and how emergencies are handled.
  • Do they have low-toxic/green options?
  • Are they insured? Any contractor you hire should have worker’s and liability compensation coverage.
  • Do they have cool trucks?
  • Can they give recommendations on how to help keep homes pest-free?

Shop for value, especially for a termite control treatment or other protection plans. The lowest estimate may not be your best choice. Oh and… always get more than one estimate!

If you are looking for a pest control company in Providence, call us at 401-992-9000.

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