Have signs of bed bugs this winter?

Bed bugs are not seasonal pests. They can be in your homes, rental properties, and hotels year-round. 

They are quick to seek shelters indoors, since they do not adapt to cold weather very well. They will scurry inside mattresses, furnitures, and spaces between walls to keep warm. We usually see less bed bug activity reported in the winter, because humans are less active and travel less, but we still get calls.

If you find traces of bed bugs, it’s usually difficult to remove on your own. You may notice blood stains on bed sheets and small bites on your skin – typically three bites in a row. You will rarely see them, as they only come out to feed, just before dawn. 

But where did they come from?

Why didn’t you see signs over the summer? Perhaps you came back from vacation and two bed bugs hitchhiked inside of your luggage. Now, you may have a large group of them, and they may have migrated from your luggage, in your closet, to your mattress.

If there are any signs of bed bugs, do not hesitate to call a bed bug removal company like Debug. You do not want a winter full of itches and lost sleep.

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Bonus Blog Article

A Simple, No Kill, Mouse Trap

I just saw my first mouse of the year making its way into my shed. I don’t mind them in the shed, but they can never take my home! 

If you do see or hear mice in your home this winter, try this simple mouse trap idea found on reddit.


  1. Bucket
  2. Spoon & Knife
  3. Peanut Butter


  1. Dab a little peanut butter on the handles of silverware
  2. Balance silverware on countertop
  3. Place bucket underneath silverware
  4. Wait a night
  5. Wake up
  6. Take mice and displace them in a forest or field far away from your house and other homes

The mice will try to climb out to the end of the spoon to feast on the peanut butter, but will fall into the bucket with the spoon.

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