Bugs in the Cranberry Bogs

How Cape Cod Farmers Squared Off against Pests and Kept Cranberries Sauce on Thanksgiving Tables Last weekend, we took a trip to the Cape to

What are the benefits of insects?

Many. Hungry? You can eat bugs like they do on Bizarre Foods, or chomp on honey. Insects are a food source for many people and animals

Cockroach on bathroom tile

Why are Cockroaches So Hard to Control?

Cockroaches… the mere thought of them sends a shiver down most people’s spines. They get into food storage, reproduce at lightning speeds, and are really

A Simple, No Kill, Mouse Trap

I just saw my first mouse of the year making its way into my shed. I don’t mind them in the shed, but they can

A World Without Pest Control

What would a world without pest management professionals look like? More world hunger. U.S. has the ability to export food to poverty stricken countries. Pest control