Author: Melissa L

Bugs in the Cranberry Bogs

How Cape Cod Farmers Squared Off against Pests and Kept Cranberries Sauce on Thanksgiving Tables Last weekend, we took a trip to the Cape to

Preparing your Apartment for Bed Bug Treatment

For apartment complexes and multi-families in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut Did you see a bedbug? Wake up with bite marks? You are not alone.

Bees at URI

URI is Abuzz

Visitors to the University of Rhode Island this Spring will notice all the usual buzzing-about for commencement preparations. But, this year some of that buzz

I Wish There Was a Buffy the Tick Slayer

No joke. I try to approach my daily life with a certain level of compassion, optimism, and general good natured-ness. But sitting down to write

Turns out, Grendel was a Cicada Killer

The other day I sat in my car for a solid five minutes because I had seen a huge, black, Grendel-esque beast of a flying insect hovering