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What are the benefits of insects?

Many. Hungry? You can eat bugs like they do on Bizarre Foods, or chomp on honey. Insects are a food source for many people and animals

Cockroach on bathroom tile

Why are Cockroaches So Hard to Control?

Cockroaches… the mere thought of them sends a shiver down most people’s spines. They get into food storage, reproduce at lightning speeds, and are really

Bed Bug close-up

Have signs of bed bugs this winter?

Bed bugs are not seasonal pests. They can be in your homes, rental properties, and hotels year-round.  They are quick to seek shelters indoors, since

A Simple, No Kill, Mouse Trap

I just saw my first mouse of the year making its way into my shed. I don’t mind them in the shed, but they can

A World Without Pest Control

What would a world without pest management professionals look like? More world hunger. U.S. has the ability to export food to poverty stricken countries. Pest control

9 Tips to Keep Ants Away

Ants are far from arbitrary. If you are seeing ants in steady streams, it is because their scouts had already assessed your home as accessible,

How To Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Home

Homeowners living near wooded areas or in areas that are close to clear cutting projects may have troubles with unwanted visitors like raccoons and opossums.

Bed Bug close-up

Bed Bug Travel Tips – Part I

There is one bug that no matter where we go people are asking; bed bugs! Are they real? Do they bite? Are they here? How