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Squirrel Removal & Control

The pitter-patter of little feet can be wonderful, unless it’s in your attic, walls or chimney. Getting rid of squirrels is a challenge once they’ve moved into your house. First of all, don’t panic: our brains our bigger than theirs, and the little critters can be outsmarted with the knowledge and experience of wildlife professionals.   

Get rid of squirrels

Before taking squirrel removal into your own paws, there are a few important squirrel facts to remember:

  • Squirrels may use more than one hole to enter and exit your house. To find all the entrances, you may need to climb on ladders, survey the roof and rooflines and check the soffits and vents. Squirrel holes need to be covered securely—remember these animals can crack hard nuts with their teeth! An experienced licensed and insured wildlife removal expert is familiar with squirrels’ tricks and habits, and is skilled in scaling ladders and plugging up squirrel holes.
  • Don’t use poison. Aside from the unlikelihood of its effectiveness, if the poison does work—you may end up with a rotting squirrel in your wall or chimney. Pee-ewww!
  • Momma squirrels can walk into a trap; newborn squirrels can’t. If you catch the mother squirrel and not her young, the babies will die—causing not only a cruel death but additional unwanted smells. So unless you are willing to wait six or so weeks for newborn squirrels to mature, it’s best to call someone experienced in capturing squirrels of all ages.
  • Traps and cages must be regularly checked. At a minimum, daily checks are required. And in extreme weather, more frequent checks are needed.
  • A squirrel’s teeth keeps growing. So they can chew on a variety of materials: electrical wiring, insulation and wood to name a few.
  • Removing the the squirrel is just the beginning. Not only will all the squirrel entrances need to be plugged (if they aren’t already), but squirrels leave a mess: feces, urine, shredded insulation, nesting material and damaged wiring. When hiring a wildlife removal service, verify that they will repair and clean damaged spaces. 

Debug squirrel removal in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts

Don’t waste time or money on half-baked ideas, get rid of squirrels the right way, the first time: call Debug Pest Control. Our wildlife removal service includes sanitization and deodorization of the affected space.

Debug provides professional and humane squirrel removal in the southern New England area: Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southeastern Massachusetts, including major cities like Providence, Woonsocket, Pawtucket, Cranston, Warwick, Newport, Fall River and New Bedford.

“I have over a decade of experience with the people at Debug Pest Control and they have always treated me right. I would recommend their services without a doubt.”

Dr. Jason Aminsharifi

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