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Southern New England hosts a variety of snakes: non-poisonous snakes such as garter snake, milk snake, black snake or black racer, ringneck snake, hognose snake, water snake, ribbon snake, red belly snake, worm snake, brown snake, and the venomous snakes: timber rattlesnake and copperhead.

Snake removal

Snakes are a vital part of the ecosystem in your neighborhood. Not only are they predators that can help control the population of various other pests–slugs, insects and small rodents—but they also provide food for other animals such as birds. Since most snakes you see are non-venomous, if the snake is out away from your living and recreational areas, consider leaving it alone and not calling a snake removal service.

But if you do need to get rid of a snake in your home, shed, garage or other building, keep these tips in mind.

How to get rid of a snake:

  • Remove potential snake shelters. Snakes look for havens from predators and extreme weather. So dismantle or move debris piles away from your house.
  • Plug up access to your dwelling. Of course, if you already have a snake inside your home, consider calling a wildlife removal expert with experience in snake removal. Once the reptile is outside, seal up all holes and spaces. The snake may have followed food inside, so make sure you don’t have any mice or rats inside either.
  • Snakes want to be left alone. You are not their prey. They don’t want to attack you. But if you corner it, it may not have a choice but to strike out. If you find one in your house, try to contain it safely. 
  • Don’t indiscriminately kill or harm snakes. Some snakes have become so rare that they are endangered or have protected status: timber rattlesnake, copperhead, black rat snake, and the hognose snake to name a few.
  • Glue boards and repellants are not good options. Nearly all snake repellents are ineffective, and some such as those made out of mothballs can be poisonous to the environment. Not only can glue boards harm protected snakes, but it can hurt many other beneficial insects.

It may be difficult to identify a snake without getting close to it. So it’s often better to leave it alone and call an expert to come and help with snake removal.

Debug snake removal services in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts

Debug can safely and humanely remove the snake—or snakes!—from your home. Our snake removal service covers the Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts region.

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