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House Ant Removal & Control

One of the most popular spots for a house party is the kitchen. And it’s no different for many kinds of kitchen ants. Kitchens mean food. Odorous house ants, so named because when you squash one they give off a strong odor, like to eat aphid honeydew but inside they will make due with the sweet bit of sugar left on your counter. Pharaoh ants feast on sweets, grease and other proteins in your cooking space. Other ants may venture in your kitchen for food and water, too.

Ants in the house

Assuming one doesn’t want to start a buffet for insects, how does one get rid of ants in the kitchen?

If you just see one or two ants, you might be able to convince the insects that your place is uninhabitable —at least for them! But before you start debating with pests, try something a bit more proactive.

Start getting rid of kitchen ants by doing a bit of housekeeping:

  • Wipe up food and drink spills—immediately. Including those crumbs between the stove and counter, the honey drips in the cupboard, and the juice dribble down the fridge. (And to make sure you don’t invite additional pests into your house, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.)
  • Dispose of garbage quickly and appropriately. Food scraps are best composted outside away from the house (or stored in the freezer until you’re ready to put them outside).
  • Tightly seal unrefrigerated and opened food products, or put them in glass containers or plastic jars. This includes that opened trail mix bar from last night, the bag of sugar for your spectacular chocolate-gasmic brownies, and the fruitcake from last Christmas.

If you are running a tidy galley, but kitchen ants are still boarding your home ship—instead of indiscriminately spraying poison that might harm you or your pets—it might be time to call the kitchen ant experts. Licensed pest professionals can identify and treat your pest problem. By properly identifying the type of ant you have, your pest technician can determine the most effective method to get rid of your kitchen ants. Knowing where the colony is likely to nest; being familiar with the habits of the queens, males and workers; and understanding the life cycle of the colony means using the most green, least toxic methods to get rid of your pest problem.

Debug kitchen ant control in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts

With integrated pest management techniques, Debug provides low-risk, effective kitchen ant control in the southern New England region. Debug is a licensed and insured professional pest control company that services the Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts areas.

"Having Debug treat our property monthly for mosquitoes is truly money well spent. Finally we can sit outside in the evening and enjoy our yard. Recently we had them remove a yellow jackets nest too. It's reassuring knowing you have a service provider you trust and can rely on when you call. Thank you!"

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