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Flying Ants

Ants are a nuisance on the best days, but when you find them swarming around or in your house—you need to know how to get rid of ants with wings, now.

Are they flying ants in house or termites?

Flying ants have three key features:

  • elbowed or bent antennae
  • pinched waist
  • front wings longer than rear wings

Swarming termites have different identifying features:

  • straight antennae
  • no waist
  • wings are equal length

If you capture the insect and determine it is a flying ant—congratulations! Termites can cause much more damage to a house.

How to get rid of flying ants

Flying ants are not a particular species of ant, instead it is a certain part of an ant colony’s life cycle. When an ant colony has grown large enough, winged males and winged females, which may become queens of a new colony, leave the old colony—usually after a rain— to participate in a mating swarm. The males then die, and the newly fertilized females attempt to form a new colony.

If you only have a few flying ants in your house, you might be able to discourage them yourself by removing opportunities for food, water and shelter:

  • Food. Keep a clean house by getting rid of crumbs and wiping up spills as they happen. Don’t leave pet food out where it might tempt insects.
  • Water. Repair any water leaks or dripping hoses.
  • Shelter. Seal up cracks around windows or doors with weather stripping or silicone caulk. Repair holes in screens.

If you have a large number of flying ants swarming in your house, you probably have a colony nest within your walls. A licensed pest professional can identify and treat your ant problem. 

Debug flying ant control in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts

Debug has a number of flying ant control solutions available in the Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and eastern Massachusetts regions. Our Green Pest Control options are designed to use an integrated pest control management system in a more environmentally responsible manner. For those needing a pesticide-free pest management system, we offer heat treatments to target specific pests.

We also employ two cutting-edge products: Termidor (for undetectable ant control outside) and Phantom (for undetectable ant and cockroach control inside).

"Having Debug treat our property monthly for mosquitoes is truly money well spent. Finally we can sit outside in the evening and enjoy our yard. Recently we had them remove a yellow jackets nest too. It's reassuring knowing you have a service provider you trust and can rely on when you call. Thank you!"

Lori T. - Glocester, RI

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