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Environmentally Responsible Solutions 🐝

Clean and green!

Debug Green is an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional pest control. We have identified the leading organic products, and coupled it with experienced pest control technicians, thereby creating a cutting edge "Green" pest management program.

We strive to keep your home, or business pest free in the most eco-friendly way possible. Debug Green will constantly evaluate our program and any new additions to the organic product line.

Debug Green serves all of Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Call us at 1-877-907-DBUG (3284).

Debug Green can also utilize heat treatments at pesticide-sensitive locations. The process is to heat the room or house to a predetermined temperature and eliminate the target pest. Call for information on this revolutionary process.

Debug Green recommends TAP Insulation for a more efficient, and pest free home. Debug is currently the only authorized applicator of TAP Insulation in Rhode Island